Trump Just PROVED He’s The People’s President!

There is no other like Donald J Trump. His love towards America is unreal, out of this world.

I am pretty sure no other President in the history of America loved our country as much as Donald Trump.

However, what he did in Orlando even topped all of that. While he was giving speech, Trump noticed a supporter who he recognized from being interviewed in the media.

The individual was identified as Jean Hubbard and he waited from 4 am, just so he can meet Donald Trump.

What was truly wonderful here is that many people expected President Trump just to wave to Hubbard, but what Trump did next left everyone stunned. He invited Jean Hubbard to speak onstage and address the people.

Now, let’s be honest here folks…. when have you ever seen a President do something like this?!

Jean was so shocked and shook up that looked to be on the verge of tears. Then he got on stage, gave a hug to Trump and thanked him for everything.

Here is the video:

Now, the media can lie about President Trump as much as they want, but the American people know the truth!

Donald J Trump is the People’s President and after tonight, even those non-believers, started believing.

Thank you for reading.