Trump Plans More MASSIVE Rallies…Today He’s In Ohio

12-1-2016-12-23-40-pmMany people will say that Donald Trump won the election because of the massive energy rallies that he made across the country. So many people attempted the rallies, and watched him on TV, and the Internet.

The result is that while those supporters are thrilled by Trump’s win, many of them actually miss watching those thrilling gatherings every day.

But such a good news are coming from Trump Train, Trump is going to hit the road across the country again!

The Wall Street Journal reports:

President-elect Donald Trump will embark on a “thank you” tour of states that helped sweep him to victory, his transition team announced Tuesday.

Mr. Trump’s first stop will be at a sports arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Thursday. He’ll be joined at the rally by Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who also is scheduled to hold an event in New Orleans on Saturday.

The WSJ couldn’t resist taking a number of digs at Trump in the article, noting that, “Mr. Trump’s rallies were marked by physical confrontations between supporters and protesters,” even though these “confrontations” were actually instigated by Hillary and Bernie fans.

They even quote a former Obama advisor:

“Does Trump want to heal the wounds of the election or rub it in the face of those that opposed him? Hope springs eternal, but recent history suggests Trump will opt for the latter, which would be an unfortunate way to start his presidency.”

Sounds like another amazing tour from Donald Trump. He has to tell the people big “Thank You” for choosing him, the right person for our country. Now it’s time to hear his words, his many new promises that will Make America Great Again!

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