Hillary is running scared of Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has recently uncovered that Hillary was the leader of the largest pay-for-play operation ever since the Democratic Party was founded by Andrew Jackson. Now Trump is hiring a special prosecutor to start an investigation.

Oh, and it gets even better.




You see, the FBI just admitted that the State Department has been hoarding an extra 15,000 emails from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

Those emails contained tons of examples of Hillary Clinton taking bribes from foreign heads of government in return for favors with the State Department.

She would accept her bribes through the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative and have Huma Abedin handle all the communications.

But that is not the only proof Trump brought to the table!

He also brought up the Clinton’s notorious pay-to-play operations in Arkansas as well as the notorious White Water Scandal where Bill solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars using threats.


If Democrats are really dumb enough to believe she will change if she wins, they are bigger idiots than we could even comprehend.

Honestly, she probably OWES so many foreign governments at this point that the US will simply cease to exist.

We must spread the word so that people can know the truth. It is equally important that we vote for Donald Trump in November and find as many people as we can to give their support for him because every single vote counts.

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