Trump Taught His Grandchildren Respect The Military on the White House Lawn!

If you only listen to the mainstream media, you might think that President Trump is some sort of a monster, a boogeyman, that cares only for himself.

However, the real patriots and Americans know that this is NOT the case. Just take a look at the video that went viral instantly.

The Daily Mail reported that President Trump was recorded while he was spending time with his nephews, Arabella and Joseph, on the South Lawn, just before boarding the Marine One on their way to South Carolina on Friday.

The video is cute and sweet, there is no comment about that, but pay attention on what President Trump did before boarding Marine One with the children.

He has both his hands occupied with the kids, and yet he still stopped before the marine, saluted him and continued to board the Marine One.

This is what our kids need to learn folks. They should always pay their respects to our Military. After all, they are the ones that are defending this great country.

You know how they say folks…  you can learn a lot about a person if you only see how he treats his family, and President Trump is simply amazing!

I am proud of the fact that he is my President!


Thank you for reading.