Tucker Carlson BLASTS LEFTIST For Questioning Cop HERO At OSU (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson has left-wing radio host Tariq Nasheed on his show last night and questioned him about a tweet he wrote yesterday. Nasheed’s tweet suggested there was something questionable about a police officer who saved lives by shooting and killing the man who attacked innocent people at Ohio State.

Here’s Nasheed’s tweet:

Partial transcript of their exchange below:

CARLSON: I’m asking you what did you mean but that. Is the guy, the police officer who shot this guy, a hero or isn’t he?

NASHEED: I’ll be glad to answer that, but I don’t want to do the false narrative thing, because that is very disingenuous, and I like to speak truth to power. Now let me explain what I meant:

No, I didn’t think the guy was wrong for what he did. The guy was a hero. The comment wasn’t meant to racialize the actual shooting and the event itself. When that happened, there were a lot of people online who played the race card. And the minute they found out who the suspect was, they kept talking about Black Somalian, Black Somalian. Then they started talking about Black Lives Matter and Obama and then they racialized it.

CARLSON: I’m sorry, there’s only so much I can take. I spent all afternoon listening to your podcast, which is the most racialized thing I think I’ve ever listened to in my life… In your podcast, you say that this is a white supremacist country. The guy who did this was imported here at taxpayer expense from Somalia. He was living entirely on taxpayer expense, I believe government subsidized education at OSU.

Watch the video:

Carlson’s show is only a month old but he’s already become a TV sensation!