Twitter Bans Conservatives Meanwhile PEDOPHILES GET A PASS

Over the past year, Twitter has been actively banning users for expressing conservative opinions—most notably of 2016, was Milo Yiannopolous, ex-senior editor at Breitbart.

The flamboyantly homosexual conservative was banned for “hate speech,” against Leslie Jones, the black actor who was in the recent feminist redo of ghost busters. Although Twitter has provided very little evidence of said hate speech, they still managed to “permanently suspend” his account.

This isn’t just an isolated incident, however. Twitter has been banning numerous conservative users, from @MatthewHeimbach to @RWSurferGirl, for speaking out against the following topics:

  • Islamification of Europe
  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • Transgenders
  • Hillary Clinton (during the election)

…and although Twitter’s moderators claim they’re only targeting “hate speech,” many users beg to differ. Breitbart reports:

“…on closer inspection it appears that Twitter’s war on free speech is directed at a specific generation of libertarians and alternative conservative voices, many of whom are vocal and enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump.”

“From Yiannopoulos’s unexplained unverification to the permanent suspension of popular Trump activist @RWSurferGirl and temporary account lock of conservative Twitter personality Linda Suhler, it seems that Twitter isn’t just attacking conservatives. Whether deliberately or not, they’re going after the social network’s most influential Trump supporters.”

“I was told months ago that if I continued to support Donald Trump, my account would be gone by Christmas,” said @RWSurferGirl in a message to Breitbart Tech. “I put the warning out to all of the big accounts… I guess we thought we were too big to fail. 7 years of being on and I have never been suspended. Now Twitter says my account will not be reinstated.”

“@RWSurferGirl had over 665,000 followers when her account was suspended, and her tweets have been featured in the New York Post, the Washington Post, on Yahoo! News, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live, where President Obama read a tweet that she had sent wishing for the president to be left at a golf course on the other side of the world.”

As Breitbart, Info Wars, and other sites have noted, there seems to be a very clear bias against conservatives. While Twitter has been busy banning people for tweeting #MAGA and #AllLivesMatter, they’ve openly refused to ban pedophiles such as James carter.

In addition to not banning users who are openly promoting pedophilia, a disgusting act that robs a child of her innocence, the social media giant has also been ignoring the rampant anti-white sentiment and violent threats that many users have posted:

In addition to users threatening to kill the president and kill all white men, ISIS has also been using Twitter to recruit new members. Breitbart reports:

“Twitter doesn’t seem to be that bothered about terrorists using its platform. As we’ve previously reported, it took concerted efforts by online vigilantes to make a serious impact against the Islamic State’s Twitter presence, which comprises a vital element in their recruitment and propaganda drives. The Brookings Institue estimates that ISIS can rely on over 40,000 supportive accounts on the platform.

“In fact, there are so many terrorist-supporting accounts on Twitter that they’re even fighting with each other. Vocative recently reported that ISIS-supporting accounts were getting into spats with the Taliban on Twitter. Someone should check if they’re being politically correct. If ISIS have been giving the Taliban PTSD, they’ll be in serious trouble.”

Over the past year, as news of Twitter’s censorship has reached the mainstream, their stock tumbled from a high of $ 25.25 down to $ 14.54 (as of April 19th). Companies still can’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept that conservatives move the market place, and they’re paying a hefty price for it.

If you’re pissed off that Twitter is allowing pedophiles and ISIS to openly speak on Twitter, but BANNING conservatives, give this article a share. God bless!

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