Twitter Created #MuslimWomensDay Hashtag – BACKFIRES

#MuslimWomensDay Hashtag

Twitter keeps making up fake “minority women” days, in an attempt to seem more “inclusive,” to minorities…and it keeps on blowing up in their face.

Earlier today, Twitter pushed for the #MuslimWomensDay hashtag to start trending, and once it picked up steam, look what everyone had to say:


Oh wait a minute, that’s right… don’t something like 65% of Muslims support Sharia law, where it’s okay to stone your wife to death, and where a woman can’t accuse a man of rape?


Hey, you can’t say that Paul! It’s just part of their culture, you know?


**Note: Twitter just BANNED the tweet above by @MissLizzyNJ. They have banned several people today for tweeting negative things about Islam.


Wow, that’s interesting, isn’t it? Muslims demand that we accept their culture, but the second we step foot into their territory, they threaten to take legal action if we don’t have our women covered from head to toe…





While American feminists complain about being oppressed, women in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t even drive, let alone protest with ridiculous pussy hats.



I could go on and on, folks. The point is that the American public is waking up. We know the truth. In fact, why don’t you help us spread the truth by tweeting a #MuslimWomensDay to us?