Twitter Goes Crazy After Seeing Shots of Bradley Cooper at the DNC

Source: Huffington Post/Twitter/C-SPANIt’s not difficult to fall in love with our favorite characters from television and film. Occasionally, the greatest ones make us forget that we come to consider the performer and the characters behind them, and there are individuals impersonating them are the same and one.

That fixation can occasionally lead us to make some choices that are unusual. Like flipping out on Twitter seeing an actor at the Democratic National Convention.

 Such was the case last night, when a cameraman apparently in awe of celebrity Bradley Cooper being at the DNC kept focusing him on throughout the night. Cooper was very much into the event of the nighttime, and was present with his girlfriend Irina Shayk. He likely wouldn’t have seen the outrage happening in the Twitterverse by some conservative audience coming from the performer’s audacious presence at the occasion.

Take a look at some of the more…unique tweets below:

I ‘ve a list of stars that support. Add this one. Boycott them all.

— Nat Shupe (@NatShupe) July 28, 2016

Bradley Cooper at DNC?! Think I Have viewed my last Bradley Cooper film. Ewww Ick

— The Real ExTex (@theRealExTex) July 28, 2016

Hillary is being promoted by Bradley Cooper? Too bad. He is dead to me.

— David O’Neill (@garlicfries95) July 28, 2016

What our buddies on Twitter appear to forget is what I mentioned at the start of this narrative: characters and Celebrities aren’t the same and one. That means Bradley Cooper, to the dismay of many last night, isn’t Chris Kyle, the American battle veteran he played in the movie American Sniper. Sadly for the people that are wronged, they anticipated Cooper to be a raging Republican, and not the longtime Democrat he really is.

Naturally, there must be a balance, so the remainder of Twitter determined to chime in on the issue:

Bradley Cooper is a raccoon, not a sniper. Fools.

— Dom.inic (@DominicVFX) July 28, 2016

Republicans: those liberals get offended so easily

— the hex girlfriend☽ (@methlab4_qt) July 28, 2016

GOP upset since he impersonated Chris Kyle in American Sniper that Bradley Cooper attended DNC. Does this mean Morgan Freeman is truly God?

— ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ (@itsJarm) July 28, 2016

Bradley Cooper: *actions in American Sniper*
Conservatives: ONE OF US
BCoop: *at DNC*

— Chelsea: Dora Milaje (@IfIWereMagneto) July 28, 2016

I get it. I had a little difficulty coping with the news of a fresh Joker in Suicide Squad because Heath Ledger as the villain was perfection in my opinion. With that said, perhaps more profound research into Cooper’s political perspectives *cough* Google! * Cough* would have prevented this position that was dirty.