Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s Lost Civilization


20 Facts You Never Knew About


You may have heard about the continent Antarctica, but do you know these 20 facts that this unspoken continent holds?

1. Not allowed to work until you do this

If you don’t remove your appendix and wisdom teeth, you are not allowed to work in Antarctica. If you want to work and earn some good amount in Antarctica, you have to remove your appendix and wisdom teeth.

2. The World’s the driest place

The world’s driest place on this earth is neither Sahara desert, nor Gobi desert. Its Antarctica.

3. Has it own domain

This continent has its domain.aq

4. Palm Trees and Antarctica

The palm trees that grows in the tropical region used to grew in Antarctica shores 53 million years ago.

5. Metallica rocked here

A gig Freeze ‘Em. All was first played by Metallica in Antarctica.

6. No nuclear station, Please!

Antarctica once had a nuclear power station which is closed now. There is a strict rule in this continent which doesn’t allow any nuclear plant or station to be built on this peaceful continent.

7. Fire department

Antarctica despite becoming a no population zone contains a fire department.

8. Home to various species of fungi

Do you know that Antarctica contains 1150 various species of fungi?

9. Tick Tock

Yes, you can find every time zone of this world on this continent.

10. The Polar bear doesn’t live here.

If you think you can find any polar bears in Antarctica, you are wrong. Polar bears only live in Arctic.

11. The World’s Southernmost bar

The world’s southernmost Bar lies in Antarctica.

12. Coldest day in Antarctica

The coldest temperature recorded in Antarctica was -89-degree centigrade which was recorded on July 21, 1983.

13. 5th largest continent in the world

Antarctica is bigger than Australia and Europe making it the 5th largest continent of the world.

14. Ice everywhere

99% of the surface of Antarctica is covered with ice, but there is land beneath the ice.

15. 70% of the fresh water of earth is present in Antarctica.

More than 70% of fresh water that is present on earth is present in Antarctica.

16. Geological Division

The whole continent is divided into east and west area by the Transantarctic mountain.

17. History behind its discovery

Antarctica was not discovered until 1820. Before 1820 Antarctica was known to be a group of island and not a continent.

18. Who’s the first man on Antarctica?

The first human to reach the South Pole of Antarctica was Roald Amundsen. He was a Norwegian explorer who achieved this success on December 14, 1911.

19. Antarctica is a peaceful continent

Due to the powerful countries wanting to use Antarctica for their nuclear research purpose, a secret declaration was made by 12 countries to declare this continent as a peaceful continent. No, any nuclear research or rocket launching can be done on this continent since then.

20. First child on Antarctica

The first child to born in Antarctica was Emilio Palma in 1979.