Vacations for Singles Over 30: Live an Unforgettable Adventure!

The market for singles is growing fast. Several reports from the recent years (including Bloomberg’s report) have shown about 50% of American adults are alone. The situation in Europe is similar. Being single is not strange anymore. There are many people living, shopping, partying and traveling alone. That’s why we can see more and more businesses choosing singles as their target group, including travel agencies. To make their offers more specific and individualized, numerous agents take age under consideration and organize vacations for singles over 30. That’s exactly the type of solo holiday we’ll tell you about today. If you’re not in a relationship and your 30th birthday has already taken place, it can be a perfect option for you!

Why vacations for singles over 30 are worth considering

Most of all, it can be a great adventure. Whether you’re more of a lazy vacationer, a foodie, a party animal or an art-lover, you can find suitable holidays – the themes are diverse and numerous. It means you can use your free time to do what you like the most while being surrounded with people who share your interests. They pick the same holidays, so they must have something in common with you. Moreover, those people are also single and in your age. Such trips are an amazing chance to make new friends and meet potential partners. Traveling together is a real sharing experience. You do things together. There’s time for talking, exploring and having fun with new people, which is sometimes hard to find in a daily life of a busy person.

Besides, organized vacations for singles are simply convenient. The operator takes care of all the arrangements. You don’t have to worry about bookings and other practical issues. You also don’t have to be afraid of ending up alone at some point of the trip. When traveling with a group, you’re surrounded by people, so making contacts is easy. When this group is made of singles in the same age, dating and flirting are easier as well. No need to wonder if this amazing person who caught your attention is in a committed relationship. The risk of being rejected or embarrassing yourself becomes significantly smaller. Even if you approach someone and they turn out not to be romantically interested, you two should at least have enough of common ground to treat each other nicely and respectfully. After all, you’re in the same situation.

Vacationing alone vs. vacationing with friends

Many people can’t imagine going on a vacation alone. They see holidays as something to be shared with friends and family. Well, traveling with your dearest ones can be wonderful indeed. From time to time, it’s nice to get away from the everyday life, refresh your mind and focus on meeting new people. If you go for organized vacations for singles over 30, you won’t be vacationing alone. You’ll spend holidays in the company of new friends. There won’t be time for feeling sad and lonely.

Another advantage of such travels is the opportunity to rediscover yourself. You can find a new passion, do something you’ve never done before, gain new skills and interests. Leaving your environment gives you a chance to observe yourself in a whole new context. You can do what you want without being judged by old friends or family members. It’s especially important if you want to meet a significant other. For some people, it’s much easier to be flirty and social when they’re not being observed by their fathers, mothers, uncles or neighbors.

Adventures for singles over 30

There’s a wide range of vacations for singles over 30. As we have mentioned before, this kind of traveling has become very popular in the past few years, so tour operators have prepared lots of different offers. Depending on your interests, you can choose the best solo vacations for you.


Tours focus on a specific theme or destination. There are holidays for history enthusiasts, gay or lesbian travelers, nature-lovers, movie fans, painters and aspiring cooks. This company, for instance, organizes lots of different vacations for singles over 30, such as cruises, cooking, tropical solo trips to New Zealand, adventurous tours for singles or self-guided walking holidays for Malta. Itineraries might include a variety of activities, from cycling, hiking, dancing and rafting to sight-seeing, dining, and wine tasting.


For those who enjoy oceans, seas, and rivers, cruises can be dream holidays. Itineraries include activities on board as well as on the land. You can sail from one Greek Island to another, go for a long journey from Europe to Central America, explore coastal towns in Spain or travel around sunny Asian islands – there are plentiful alternatives. While getting from one destination to another, you spend time onboard of a cruise ship. Those may vary from large ships to small vessels, yet great facilities are always available. Together with other singles, you can hang out in bars, a party in clubs, dine in luxurious restaurants, enjoy swimming pools and spas. Interested in booking a cruise? Have a look here to find cruises especially for over 30.

All inclusive resorts

If sweet laziness is your priority, all-inclusive singles resorts can provide you with the perfect environment for relaxation. You pay only once and can use all or most of the resort’s facilities, so no need to constantly count the money and stress over spending’s. Since the resorts are designed especially for singles, you don’t have to stand the company of large families, married couples or groups of friends partying only among each other. All the guests are solo just as you, possibly in the same age if you look for offers directed at singles over 30.

Most of such resorts prepare various activities for their guests. Animators and coordinators may organize concerts, games, dinners, cocktail parties, etc. You can get either a one person room or share it with another guest. If you choose the second option, the organizers will match you with someone, base their decision on special surveys or your personal requests.

What do you think of it? Are you interested in vacations for singles over 30? What kind of singles trips appeal to you the most? We’d love to hear about it! And a small reminder: don’t forget to share this article with your solo friends!