VIDEO: Terror Organization Hides in America – Prepares for Trump Administration

Our worst fears have been ignored by the media and the Obama administration. Those fears are turning into reality. There is a terror organization hiding in America. They are arming and training themselves in order to fight against President-Elect Donald Trump.  They call themselves a Muslim army hiding in America. They are ready for war when Trump takes office.

Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project reported on The Muslims of America group. This is a terrorist organization which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. According to Mauro’s sources, their leadership has been passing on some very disturbing orders. Ryan Mauro’s Clarion Project is dedicated to exposing these activities. The purpose of this article is to make  you aware this group exists right here in the U.S. The days when we believed the terror gripping Europe would never come here is gone. The terror is here in our backyards. In your neighborhoods.

Islamic extremists have developed a sophisticated network of interconnected organizations across America. Profiles of these organizations and the people behind them can be found at the end of this article. The common thread among these organizations is the ideology of Political Islam. Political Islam aspires to govern through the implementation of sharia Law. It is not enough for them to have established a Caliphate in the Middle East. Their stated goal is to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

Members of Muslims of America group have been told that they must be prepared to fight. They have been arming and training themselves. Their members understand law enforcement is a threat to them. Their leadership has told them because of their relationship to Al-Fucra they should be prepared for the FBI to reopen cases against them as a homegrown terrorist organization. Some of their Members with criminal records have been told not to enter the training grounds so that law enforcement won’t use their presence as a reason to enter the area. Mauro reports this organization is trying to hide the stockpile of weapons they possess. Mauro also said that many of the members believe their religious end times are coming, which might lead to a fight with Donald Trump. The Clarion project has infiltrated the group and this story comes first hand from Ryan Mauro.


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