VIDEO: THUGS in hoodies TRASH a car with Trump bumper stickers

Trump bumper stickersThe next time you hear someone say that Donald Trump rallies are the source of violence, show them the video below.

Just a day after a GOP field office in North Carolina being firebombed, we see more violence against Republicans. A video has surfaced on YouTube of thugs vandalizing a car because it had Donald Trump bumper stickers on it.

The video, by YouTube star Joey Salads, was one of his “social experiment” videos he posts on the social media site. For this video, Salads parked a car in what he described as a “black neighborhood” in an unidentified city. The car was adorned with Trump bumper stickers and a yard sign, and he waited to see what happened. Within 30 minutes, a group of black thugs in hoodies attacked the car, trashing it and breaking out the windows. Watch the video for yourself:

Amazingly, Salads reports “After filming this video I talked to some spectators who were black and they said they “low key” support Trump but won’t come out about it because they are afraid of the community backlash.”

With this kind of violence being directed at Trump supporters, do you blame them?

H/T: Real Clear Politics