Wall Street Journal Writer CRUSHES Traitor Shep Smith For Backing Hillary On Air, Shep Needs To Go

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Shep Smith Reporting on Fox News host Shep Smith is not a loyal Republican, or even a conservative at all. It’s sickening how he’s started to spread pro-Hillary propaganda on Fox News.

After the first Presidential Debate, Shep used his program as a platform to try to convince viewers that there was somehow a “consensus” across the board that Hillary had won the debate. Fortunately, one Wall Street Journal writer wasn’t buying it.

Said Shep, “Almost across the board, across most demographics, in most quadrants, the consensus was that Hillary Clinton — quote — won the debate, which in and of itself doesn’t do anything. You have to move voters. This women thing is going to be new to some people. And you have to wonder if a suburban educated white woman — which is the group we’ve been talking about, analyst say are most critical — if a suburban white woman isn’t going to see this talk about Miss Universe and having gained weight and calling her Miss Piggy and then calling her Miss Housekeeper if that’s going to fly.”

Writer Glenn Smith then slammed Shep’s idiotic statement, saying, that he “felt like there was a genuineness to how [Trump] was coming across rather than the scriptedness they saw from Hillary Clinton.” Crazy Shep then flipped out at the writer, saying, “I just can’t see genuinely Miss Piggy and genuinely Miss Housekeeper, I just can’t see that flying. If that’s your genuine opinion, you need to come up with something else.”

Do you want Shep Smith to finally get fired?