Want To Get Rid Of Unsightly, Messy Device Cords? You’ll Love This!

ThingCharger - Charge Anything With No More Messy, Unsightly Device Cords!

Do you love your technology but hate having to keep track of all of your chargers? Tired of untangling or hiding all those charging wires? If you want a simple, convenient way to charge your tablets, phones, MP3 players and more, you’re gonna love this gadget!

ThingCharger is a wall outlet that charges all of your tech products with ease! With two USB ports on the bottom, and three charger tips on top, charging your electronics just got a whole lot easier. ThingCharger can charge any product, from Kindle to Blackberry to iPhone to Android at the same time and the best part is there’s no cables or wires to worry about!

Finally, you can charge all your electronics at the same time while keeping your space clean and tidy! This is a game changing product for anyone with lots of devices that need charging. We simply can’t recommend this enough and suggest you check out [easyazon_link identifier=”B01868OFJO” locale=”US” tag=”mavt-20″]P3 International Wireless thingCHARGER[/easyazon_link]!


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