Alveda King Just BERATED Elizabeth Warren

WATCH: Alveda King Just BERATED Elizabeth Warren For Being The Imbecile She Is

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It’s never a politically sound idea to quote or read from a letter of a deceased and esteemed figure with the purpose of attempting to link that respected individual, with your own political view, especially when there are family members, still very much alive and with opposing political views, ready to take you to task.

Moreover there’s something seamy in attempting to invoke the name of “King” that progressive politicians should be careful of, in that playing “their brand of race card”, wasn’t what Dr. King advocated for his followers within the Civil Rights Movement, and apparently something that Elizabeth Warren seemed to ignore in her failed grandstand attempt to read a 1986 letter written by late Coretta Scott King.

Warren’s attempt to once again muddy up history invoking a letter written over 30-years ago by a deceased individual, who can no longer be questioned or shed light as to her reasoning for the letter, is perhaps indicative of Warrens progressive views, even when questioned about her false claims of having Native American heritage she said: “I never questioned my family’s stories or asked my parents for proof or documentation. “Knowing who you are is one thing, and proving who you are is another.”

However appearing on Fox News Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., would have none of Warrens deceptive tactics stating: “In that letter [Coretta Scott King] would be referring to some of [Sen. Jeff Sessions] comments. However, she would agree today that he, of course, ended some [school segregation and] he worked to prosecute members of the KKK.”


King added: “It’s almost like a bait and switch; stir up the emotions, in the name of King, and my name is Alveda King, [and] play the race card, which she was attempting to do.”

Once again playing the race card and attempting to link the 1960’s with today’s dysfunctional progressive dogma is indeed a dangerous game, especially when there’s a live King to set the record straight…listening “Pocahontas?”