Fiery California Town Hall SHATTERS Media’s Anti-Trump Immigration Lie

During a Town Hall meeting in the small town of Cudahy near Los Angeles, the media’s narrative about illegal immigration was destroyed by a seemingly dedicated Trump fan.

 “I’m a hardcore American patriot and a hardcore President Trump supporter,” he stated, proving some Trump supporters are Hispanics, and legal immigrants. “My mother came here legally. She had dignity, she had ethics, she had morals, and she didn’t want to come and disrespect this country.”

As much as the mainstream media likes to report that only the “racist whites” are opposed to sanctuary cities and illegals being here, there are still a large number of Latinos, Asians and Blacks that they themselves came to this country legally, and oppose sanctuary cities, because they first of all respect our nation, its laws and wanted to take part in the American society and not benefit from it.

These people clearly had honor and integrity.

It seems that now we’re more powerful than ever, as the Silent Majority has raised its voice. The people have spoken and they’re tired of illegal immigrants taking advantage of what makes our country great and if the liberals are determined to empty their pockets for the good of criminals, then we’re not and we won’t let that happen.

America will only provide food, shelter and benefits for those who migrate legally and are born here. All others are just visitors, that will not be allowed to live off the backs of hard-working Americans.

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