DNC Scheme To Have Females Revolting

The liberal and mainstream media have fortified the story that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will have much trouble winner the woman vote in November, and, honestly, they are right, but not entirely.

The statistics blog FiveThirtyEight released two popular graphics last week, one showing what the electoral map would look like if only men could vote, and the other showing what it would look like if only women could vote. The maps looked like someone splattered red and blue paint over each respective map.


But it’s not all women who oppose Trump. In fact, if we break down demographics more, it appears to be women of color who are swaying the female vote leftward.


In other words, the divide is ethnic, not gender.

But that isn’t stopping the media from pushing the narrative that Trump is anti-woman. Liberal agitators seem hell-bent on proving just how pro-woman they are by demonizing any woman who disagrees with their narrative. As MRCTVreported: James O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas Action (PVA), released yet another video Wednesday afternoon titled, “DNC Schemes to Bully Women at Trump Rally.”n this video, the Democratic National Committee’s Rapid Response Coordinator and associate at Democracy Partners, Aaron Black, talks about how they can use verbally abusive and antagonistic women at Trump rallies to incite a “bullying” response from male Trump supporters. (The founder of Democracy Partners, Bob Creamer, said on Tuesday evening that he was going to be “stepping back from his responsibilities” as far as working with the Clinton campaign as the result of the PVA video.)

At one point in the short video, Black tells a co-worker, identified in the video only as Lauren, about his master plan to elicit the response he wants from the male contingent at Trump’s rallies: “Hey Lauren, so we get people behind Trump when he’s at a rally, but we make sure it’s women and they are positioned next to men. We want images of the men bullying the women who are trying to hold their signs up. That’s what I’m going to do. That is what we’re going to do. That is the hit.”

When the PVA reporter asks Black how he would go about getting this idea accomplished, Black replies, “They’re going to have to show up seven hours ahead of time and wait in line to get there early.”

After the PVA reporter follows up by asking if the reason why people will show up early is so his planted female protesters can pretend to be Trump supporters and stand behind him on camera, Black responds, “Yup, and fold those signs that we have and put them in their pockets.”

Watch below:

Just bear one thing in mind, ladies, progressives will be on your side, only if you are on their.

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