Trump Supporter Unloads In Emotional Video

A Trump supporter shares her deep concerns in a video interview that was posted on Twitter. She makes valid points of Trump’s independence of government money as well as the necessity of ID’s for voting.

A passionate Donald Trump supporter was captured on video making an emotional plea for the Republican candidate, and her video has now gone viral. Tens of millions of Americans in “flyover country” feel just as this woman does—and rarely, if ever, get called by pollsters.

“It’s totally rigged,” said the unidentified woman, who appears to be a California resident. When asked about the state of the election, the emotion pours into her voice. “This is our county, we want to save our country.”

The woman goes on to make some valid points about the impact of illegal immigration on the lives of Americans. She also brings up issues of voter fraud in the presidential election—another powerful issue. We know that concerns about millions of illegal aliens and Muslim refugees casting ballots is weighing heavily on the minds of many patriotic Americans.

“She’s [Hillary Clinton] really corrupt. I don’t get why anyone would even have another option other than Donald Trump,” the woman continued.

Voter ID laws are pending or struck down in many states, and they COULD have helped curtail election fraud and prevented illegal immigrants from voting, but liberals launched massive Civil Rights campaigns against these common sense voter laws, deeming them discriminatory in nature.

However, the claim that minorities and poor Americans would be excluded from the election process because of voter ID laws is simply a ridiculous excuse the Democrats are using to prevent these simple but powerful laws from taking effect. Every state that proposed a voter photo ID law also included a vow to provide a free state ID card to any citizen who did not have one or who could not afford one.

Americans are required to show a valid photo ID for a myriad of routine and often unimportant but daily matters. The federal government apparently does not think it is discrimination to require a photo ID when employing staffers or even to simply buy a bottle of wine, as this woman rightful points out.

“He doesn’t need us. He’s a billionaire,” the fervent Donald Trump supporter added.”He doesn’t have lobbyists in his pocket. He’s doing all of this for us.”

Hillary Clinton is focused on what is best for her—not the American people—as her actions during the Benghazi terror attack proved. She will not drain the swamp in Washington—she thrives in the murky water inhabited by leeches of all varieties.

The outcry of this woman sums up a lot of American voters who love their country and want to protect it from more government corruption. You can share, as well as to comment down below.

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