Watch Sheila Jackson Lee look like a fool while defending Hillary (VIDEO)

Sheila Jackson Lee

On behalf of all of us here in Texas, I would like to apologize for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Democrat representing the inner city of Houston. She has been in Congress for over two decades, but her only accomplishments are making stupid statements and defending fellow Democrats like Hillary Clinton.

This is the woman who made headlines when she asked a NASA official if the Mars Rover could take a picture of the American flag the astronauts left there. She thinks hurricanes get too many “white” names and should be given “black” names like Keisha. She thinks the Constitution is over 400 years old. Lee also thinks North and South Vietnam sit side by side. And now, she thinks Wikipedia is after Hillary Clinton.

In an appearance on MSNBC Friday, Lee made excuses for Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and other recent revelations. She did it by attacking the release of John Podesta’s emails. Lee took exception with those responsible for the Podesta email release: WIKIPEDIA. Seriously. The woman does not know the difference between Wikipedia and WikiLeaks. There is video to prove it.

Watch the video and wonder how this woman ever made it to Congress.

Liberals. They never cease to amaze with their stupidity.

The post first appeared  on Silence is Consent.