Black Students & Inmates Want FREE Tuition, Room And Board In Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Madison, where NOT to send your kids to school…

Description advertising racist wear from Facebook: “White folk or those who see themselves as white are given said power inherently regardless of socioeconomic class, education, etc. This is why white men created race in the first place—to maintain power. Racism gave birth to the idea of race. This is a [sic] oversimplified definition.”

Fast forward to today, where the student government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said on Wednesday that black students should be offered free tuition and housing because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and the university remains out of reach for black students today.

The Associated Students of Madison said in a resolution that suburban high school students are over-represented. The group said consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications upholds “white supremacy” because it restricts opportunities for the poor.

The college has proposed measures aimed at improving diversity.

The resolution demands free tuition, free housing and no fees for all black people, including former inmates.

So what about Native Americans? What about Asians, Hispanics, refugees, Eskimos, European immigrants, descendants of the Holocaust who died before we entered the fight?  And what about the Irish who were treated horribly by other immigrants right here in America, after fleeing their homeland to escape the potato famine? What about descendants of Salem Witch trials? What about families who lost their primary bread winner fighting for our nation overseas, or as a first responder? Are they not worthy of a FREE education? What about poor white people? You know, there is such a thing. Despite what these snowflakes and their radical leftist educators would like you to believe, there are white families who struggle to make ends meet and live in ghettos or dirt-poor rural areas. Where does it stop? And who gets to decide that the only protected and special group who “deserves” a FREE college education are blacks? 

The proposal calls for 10 percent of donations from the college to bolster financial aid and study the feasibility of test-optional and geographically weighted admissions.

Madison enrollment is currently made up of about two-percent of black students.

University spokeswoman Meredith McGlone noted that the proportion of “students of color” has grown from 11 percent to 15 percent over the last decade.

McGlone said the Chancellor proposed giving first-generation transfers from two-year schools free tuition for a year, contingent on funding in the state budget, and a recent $ 10 million donation will be invested in expanding the Chancellor’s Scholarship Program.