When Hillary Had A Volunteer Day…It Didn’t Exactly Go Right

Perception is truth as far as the lamestream media and the Democrat party are concerned and they have spent a lot of time and energy creating the false perception, in the minds of the public, that the media polls show Hillary Clinton in the lead in this presidential election, when nothing is further from the truth.

We’ve seen video evidence of the Clinton campaign faking rallies using a “green screen” background to make it appear that her crowds were much larger than they actually were. In some instances, almost the whole crowd was a manufactured “special effect” designed to make it appear that Hillary was in front of huge audiences of cheering supporters.

At one point, she is even seen turning around and waving at imaginary supporters behind her when all the video shows is an American flag backdrop. That’s right! No supporters, just an obviously faked flag background!

So, who does she think she’s waving at and does she really think she’s fooling anybody?

Now it appears the Hillary ‘imaginary campaign’ is advertising scheduled canvassing events at places like Akron, Ohio and literally nobody is showing up. Even the volunteers are notably absent from the local campaign headquarters. In a video from Clash Daily on the Ohio canvas event, Millie Weaver of Infowars.com covers the non-event:

We can glean from this that the Hillary roadshow may be coming to an end soon and no news could be more exciting than to see the ‘queen of mean’ get taken down a few DOZEN notches. This is especially good news for the Donald Trump campaign!

Source: Daily Clash