When I Saw What Common Core Cost Schools, My Heart Sank.

Common Core is a fine example of Government overreach, overtly illogical solutions to simple mathematical problems, and generally a complete waste of money. The Wall Street Journal estimates that Common Core has cost (or earmarked money) by schools, more than $ 7 billion dollars. Not too mention that many schools have claimed the implementations along with deadlines for those implementations are impossible to meet.

Education is one of the most fundamental issues debated on a yearly basis when it comes to elections, both large and small. When we think of issues we are trying to improve, Education is the primary issue that is always hotly debated. So why then did we the people allow the Government to fleece it? We’ve allowed our sacred educational institutions to waste over $ 7 billion dollars. As a parent, I’ve participated in bake sells, car washes and even helped organize online grassroots donation sites, all in the name of helping my child’s school get a little more money for books and vending machines. To hear that $ 7 billion dollars has been wasted on something that’s served only to aggravate me, my children and my children’s hardworking teachers is not just a blow, it’s an atomic bomb of frustration.

Training teachers on the standard has been costly and inefficient. Teachers resist the training and rightfully so. Some get trained and just stop applying it to their teaching curriculum. Some have quit. And some just don’t get processed through the Common Core training program fast enough. It all amounts to a bad situation where Government overreach has met with human application. When people try to apply the standard, it cost a ton of money, waste a lot of time, and eventually fails.

As a parent, this entire situation bewilders me to no extent. I can’t even help my children with math anymore due to not really understanding what the heck is going on. The solve of the problems is incredibly illogical and comparatively slow in terms of real-world application. See for yourself.

If adults can’t figure this out, why do we expect our children to be able to? And furthermore, why do we want to add this kind of stress on them? Learning should be somewhat fun, with Common Core, it is mostly aggravating and dismal. It is absurd and disappointing to think that we’ve wasted 5 years on this disaster. Will we ever get an apology from the Obama administration for this massive mistake that’s cost us now billions of dollars? Sadly, I know what the answer to that question is.

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