Which 5 Foods Help You Burn Calories and Lose Weight?

5 Foods That Help You Shed Pounds
Do you want to get in shape without dieting and heavy exercise. Well you can achieve it simply by including these 5 foods in your diet. Learn how to shed off that extra pound with these healthy slimming foods.

1. Apple

When it comes to weight loss, apple has always done its job. Apple is the best on the go snack which is satisfying, fulfilling and low in calorie. A medium apple only contains 95 calories but it is rich in fiber. A research in Florida showed that women who ate apple daily lost up to 8 kg over a period of year. Apple contains antioxidants which helps women lose weight. Fresh apple is more beneficial than the dried once. So before you go out to supermarket reach out for fresh ones. Besides, it is also said “An apple a day keeps doctor away”.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a excellent metabolic booster. Although it has been used as a anti-inflammatory agent research has shown that it is an excellent fat cutter. You can simply make ginger lemonade by mixing grated ginger, hot water, honey and lemon juice. Drink this instead of milk tea or coffee. You will not only get rid of indigestion and gastric problems, you will shed pounds as well.

3. Cabbage

Do you know that cabbage contains just 17 calories per cup. And it’s not a myth. You can eat cabbage in whatever way you like, whenever you like and you will still lose weight. Make cabbage salad, prepare tasty cabbage soup, or use it as a sandwich filler. Here is an interesting cabbage soup recipe you can try.

Heat a pan. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to it. Add a little bit of turmeric powder and ginger paste. To it add chopped cabbage, carrot and peas. Cook it with water. Don’t add any vegetable stock or any cream. Mix it in a blender and your soup is ready. Season it with salt and pepper and enjoy your evening with this fat cutter recipe.

4. Kale

More than weight loss, kale helps in detoxifying your body from harmful toxins. Like cabbage, this green leafy food only contains 33 calories per cup. And do you know that you can even enjoy kale chips without worrying about your weight. It is highly rich in vitamin A and fiber. You can even make salad out of this leafy cruciferous vegetable.

5. Walnuts

Do you want to lose weight and still eat satisfying food. Walnuts are the excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids which helps in boosting weight loss and controlling cholesterol level in the body. The unsaturated fats present in walnuts are beneficial to your heart as well. A research has proved that women who ate handful of walnut daily for about six months lost 10% of their initial body weight.

Although walnut is not a low calorie food like cabbage and kale, this snack has given same result as low calorie diet.