Ivanka Trump Runs Into Rosie O’Donnell

10-9-2016-11-36-54-amLong before Donald Trump started his bid for the White House, he’s had an enemy in former actress and TV host Rosie O’Donnell.

Going back as far as the early 2000’s, she has openly attacked the personality, on one issue or another. Trump, quick to defend his honor, fired back using his trademark strong rhetoric.

The feud has continued over the years. While Trump has gone on to succeed in his real estate business, TV shows, and now in politics, one might question what Rosie has gained from all this.

She’s certain not popping up on most people’s radar these days. But that hasn’t stopped her from trying to take cheap shots at the candidate during this election cycle.

Yet the Trump camp seems to be taking another path.

From Independent Journal:

According to O’Donnell, she ran into Trump’s daughter Ivanka on Wednesday while in New York City.

The interaction couldn’t have gone better, People reports.

Eyewitness News anchor Bill Ritter said that they bumped into each other around 9 p.m. at the restaurant Nobu.

O’Donnell later tweeted:

It may seem surprising that Ivanka would sit down and have a conversation with one of her father’s foes.

But Ivanka, who has been called Donald’s “quiet power behind the Trump throne” and her billionaire father’s “better half,” has proved time and time again that she is her own woman.

Perhaps it is the comradely of motherhood that compelled Rosie to say such respectful things to Ivanka. Or perhaps she was bowled over by the class, charm, and sophistication of Trump’s daughter.

Either way, it’s another example of Trump’s accomplishments. A corrupt, pathetic, dishonest person doesn’t produce a woman of such reputation and success.

If she can get Rosie to say respectful things, you know he’s done something right!

Source: Independent Journal