Why Your Job Search is Like Going to Prom

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1. You Must Kiss Several Frogs

Did you locate your love without delay? Or were your teen years a bit more of a fumble in the dark (metaphorically – and sometimes literally)? For most of us, finding the ideal date for the prom wouldn’t have been an easy job. You’ve got to kiss a couple of frogs before you find your prince.

And there lies one great lesson for job hunt. As figuring out who to invite to prom might be enough to leave even the most powerful of characters rocking softly in a corner, finding the appropriate function for you might be a procedure that is long and, sometimes, disheartening. There’s not actually any way round this other than keeping a sense of humour about the entire thing, and bearing in mind the apocryphal guidance – there are plenty more fish in the sea.

2. Be Open Minded

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Having said all that, at the sussing out period, you’re in with a much better opportunity of locating a prom date that is great if you’re fairly open minded. Don’t even consider ruling out that man because he’s in jeans and a hoodie all the time (he might simply be the next Zuckerberg). Of course you’ve standards, but make them about the things that actually matter – not the details.

You’d do well to recall this lesson also when you searching for occupations. Ruling outside matters because they’re not just right is a recipe for job hunt hell. In truth there’s no such thing as a fantasy occupation (any more than there’s a dream date). You’re looking for a great burst occupation, not a perfect one, so ensure you be prepared to be a little elastic around the borders to make the best of things, and have recommended of what really matters to you in your profession.

3. First Impressions Count

Ah, the prom red carpet entry. Turning up in a beaten-up banger of a car in your civvies mightn’t cut it if you’re among black ties, ball dresses, and limousines arriving at the prom.

The images you get chosen at prom will be onto. However shoddy you believed you looked at the time, they’re going to be a continuous reminder of your youth and attractiveness. That first impression continues.

Obviously, the same goes for job hunting. Don’t underestimate how little time you need to make an impression – or that feeling will stay. The same as your prom pictures (you understand they’re there someplace, tucked into a novel or in a drawer), that picture will be filed away for reference for a lengthy time by your interviewers!

4. Recall What They Seemed Like in The Harsh Light of Day

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The slow dances and the lights dim commence. And the dance floor weaves a character who all of a sudden looks especially appealing, although you just understand. Perhaps it’s due to the subdued lights, perhaps it’s because the clout was liberally impaled, perhaps it’s because dancing with someone is better than dancing before you now – but all of a sudden the face free of one right holds more allure than you believed potential.

Did you feel exactly the same manner next day? Back in school uniform and with a thick head and fluorescent lights?

Job hunting is the same. It can be tempting to get swept up in the second and maybe make some reckless choices about what, who and where will be in your best career interests in the longer period. Be cautious, take some time to reflect feel pushed into making important career choices overly fast.

5. You May Forget The Awful Touches in Time

How did your prom encounter feel at the time? Excellent fairytale, or frustratingly level? Either way, I wager your overriding memory of the nighttime now is increased tinted. Hang onto the pink and fluffy pieces that serve to remind us of where we came from and just it’s a survival skill for most folks to exercise some particular memory on the occasions of our teens.

The exact same thing occurs with your job hunt. It’ll be extremely frustrating occasionally. It is going to drive you up the wall and induce you to challenge self-assurance, your thought processes and your ability to string a coherent sentence together under pressure. But at the end of it you’ll find the occupation that is appropriate, and all the hard work will feel like a distant memory. Let go of the touches that are crappy and remember the lessons that are significant, to make certain the encounter abilities your career, rather than suffocating it.

For fairytale heroines, going to the ball isn’t a simple thing. Making it to your prom is a landmark – a start, just like your job hunts and an ending will be over the course of your working career.

In real life we don’t have a fairy godmother. There are ups and downs, and lessons to be learned along the way – from the prom and on into your working career that is later. Grow and learn, love what you are able to and every occupation hunt experience will not be worse than the last.

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