WIKILEAKS Catches Chelsea Clinton RIPPING OFF The Clinton Foundation!

WIKILEAKS Catches Chelsea Clinton RIPPING OFF The Clinton Foundation!

Chelsea Clinton

It seems a foundation dolla makes Chelsea Clinton holla!

WikiLeaks has done it again with its latest batch of emails from the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Of particular note is an email sent to Podesta from staffers at the Clinton Foundation, upset that Chelsea is demanding one of her employees be paid by the foundation for work he did for her personal, for-profit business endeavors. She is double-dipping, by making money on for-profit projects with employee manhours paid for by the Clinton Foundation, who sees no benefit. The term for this is stealing, folks.

According to a report by, “Email #7136 is particularly interesting as it raises a lot of questions about how the foundation distributes money. The leaked email in question was sent by Laura Graham, Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Foundation & Chief of Staff to President Clinton and appears to show Chelsea Clinton using funds from the nonprofit foundation to pay for her for profit work.”

EMAIL TRANSCRIPT (CVC stands for Chelsea Victoria Clinton):

Matt McKenna has requested via Bari and HR an increase of 1500 monthly in his foundation consultant work to cover what he claims and Bari claims is work he is doing on behalf of CVC as it relates to her role with CF. The new breakdown of his total compensation would be as follows if we approve this:

4000 Foundation (2500 Non CVC + 1500 CVC)

2500 CESC

1500 CVC Office (For profit work)

I have no idea how they achieved what is a 50/50 split on his CVC work between her for profit and CF activities. I think it’s more heavily weighted toward her for profit and would think it would be closer to a 75/25 split. I have pushed back on Matt via HR several times asking for written justification and job responsibilities.


Here is the email itself, courtesy of WikiLeaks:


Wouldn’t it be nice to make a living without having to pay for overhead or expenses? You could do it – if you were a Clinton.

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