With A Single Tweet Ted Cruz Completely Exposed The Liberal Hypocrisy

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just delivered a tweet that has left every Liberal distraught and broken. Cruz, who, besides being a stalwart conservative, is also a notorious internet troll sent out a tweet on Thursday that finally exposed the Liberal bias once and for all.

Here’s the video he linked to:

In this clip you can see President Obama literally telling the then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with months to go in the 2012 election that he’d have “more flexibility” on negotiating missile defense in Europe until after the election. I’m sure the Democrats and the mainstream media wishes they could scrub that video off the internet. However, I’m pretty sure that their buddies at Google, Twitter, and Facebook will do them a solid and take care of it.

But as Right Scoop notes, it didn’t matter to media then what former President Barack Obama was saying because he was running against the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Questions about cozy relationships with Russia only seem to matter if it involves the GOP or in this case Donald Trump.

The social media response to this tweet by ted cruz was even more epic.