You Can Now Feed Your Friends to Dart From Stranger Things

Warning: This post contains Stranger Things spoilers.

Dart’s hungry and it’s coming for anyone you want.

Stranger Things knows how to keep feeding its fans. Case in point: now people can play around with a new interactive.

If you’re done with the Stranger Things font meme generator, Netflix launched Feed Dart Wednesday. In the third episode of Stranger Things season 2 “The Pollywog,” Dustin makes a slimy new frenemy who he names “D’artagnan” — Dart for short — after The Three Musketeers character. Dustin is able to satisfy Dart’s cravings with his favorite candy bar, 3 Musketeers. That is, until Dart gets a bigger appetite.

And that’s the inspiration behind the new interactive that lets you get in on an interdimensional friendship opportunity of a lifetime. To play, you can upload a photo of anyone or anything you want, and the game will generate a video of Dart devouring that photo as he makes Dart noises and rolls around.

You can feed Dart and share the video it creates for you on the website.