Loretta Lynch Tried To Stop Comey From Re-Opening Investigation

10-30-2016-12-49-26-pmWe are all very happy that the Hillary Clinton email investigation has reopened, however, the Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice were pissed.

“You don’t do this! It’s aberrational. It violates decades of practice.” said one member one Justice Department official to the New Yorker who wanted to remain anonymous.

This “is because it impugns the integrity and reputation of the candidate, even though there’s no finding by a court, or in this instance even an indictment,” the Justice Department official explained. However, us Trump fans couldn’t be happier, because we all know that she is guilty.

According to the New Yorker “Lynch expressed her preference that Comey follow the department’s longstanding practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations, and not taking any action that could influence the outcome of an election, but he said that he felt compelled to do otherwise.”

Comey may have not handled the case well the first time around but now he is getting a 2nd chance. Despite all of these objections, Comey wrote a letter to Congress and he is moving forward with the case.